The announcement on STD's online trading platform


  • STD-Chain is a completely decentralized and innovative blockchain architecture with multiple incentive mechanisms. It is committed to creating a new generation of technology-driven decentralized global value circulation network based on application landing. Ecological platform. STD-Chain is an upgrade from a general-purpose blockchain to a professional blockchain technology. At present, a complete and effective value circulation network ecosystem on the chain is created for the link and circulation of all links in the blockchain ecosystem.
  • The STD-Chain project focused on many limitations of the existing blockchain system at the beginning of its design. STD-Chain built DPOS+ based on the short block time, high efficiency and robustness of the DPOS consensus mechanism, combined with the BTF Byzantine fault-tolerant algorithm. The BFT consensus mechanism realizes efficient and fast transaction confirmation; in addition, STD-Chain is also compatible with the Ethereum smart contract Solidity and the IPFS interplanetary file protocol to achieve faster, more scalable and more open ecological construction.

DPOS+BFT consensus mechanism

Byzantine fault-tolerant algorithm

Smart contract

Multiple incentive mechanism

STD-Chain value circulation network ecosystem

  • Build a never-ending digital asset exchange
    Computing power and business services are provided by community members, making network services more resilient in the face of failures.
    Strict and transparent management and control, record transparent transactions on the blockchain, and resolve potential conflicts between buyers and sellers.
  • Build a unified cross-platform game ecosystem
    The ownership of game assets is decentralized.
    Assets are traded anytime and anywhere; asset reuse across games; new user acquisition channels; transparent and fair game mechanisms, etc.
  • Decentralized social payment
    "Clean and clean" social payment experience, protect global user privacy and protect global user property;
    Supported by blockchain technology, the global user social payment network control is shifted from the centralized company platform to each corresponding decentralized data point, and the centralization of the blockchain is completely realized.
  • Solve the value distribution of traditional cultural entertainment industry
    Confirm the rights of works through timestamp and hash algorithm.
    The transaction is open and transparent.

STD's technical architecture

Basic data layer

Multi-level node system, multi-level data storage strategy. It saves energy and improves the efficiency of the entire system.

Internet layer

It supports the configuration of multiple P2P protocols, communication mechanisms and serialization mechanisms, flexibly supports multiple secure communication protocols, and can be extended to support OAuth authentication integration.

Smart contract layer

Turing's complete smart contracts on the chain help realize complex cross-chain transactions and asset tokenization; provide convenient support for DAPP development.

DPOS+BFT consensus algorithm

DPOS+BFT combines the advantages of DPOS in performance and scalability, as well as the performance of BFT in security and performance, and has the characteristics of high performance, high security, high expansion, and high consistency.

Hyperledger and cross-chain agreement

STD-Chain Hyperledger is the infrastructure for building blockchains in various industries. The STD-Chain cross-chain protocol breaks through the traditional cross-chain thinking that only assets can be transferred, and it also synchronizes and migrates important personal identity-related behavioral data.

STD-Chain privacy protection

Schnorr multi-signature, homomorphic encryption of user information. Secure multi-party calculation to ensure that the transmitted data can be encrypted and decrypted safely

STD payment system

  • STD payment system is a payment system based on the blockchain smart contract payment protocol. The core of the STD payment system is a shared open database. The database records user accounts and balances. The computers on the network can modify the general ledger and settle transactions through a consensus mechanism. Anyone can read these general ledgers, as well as all transaction records in the blockchain network.
  • The STD payment system's open API interface connects to various platforms. The operation is extremely simple and simple. Professional digital currency acceptors are introduced. All steps are unified and integrated, so that the customer's deposit experience is exactly the same as the third-party payment, simple and fast.
  • STD payment and settlement are efficient, with 7*24 hours deposit. The deposit is called back in seconds, and it will be received within 3 minutes. The fastest withdrawal is 5 minutes. Merchants freely control account assets.

>Route map

Development route of STD

Project approval in November 2019

White paper released in December 2019


January 2020 Quotes Collected

Project was launched in February 2020

Public chain was researched and developed in March 2020

Built a community in April 2020

Elected node in May 2020

Settled in Hainan in June 2020

Joined the committee in September 2020

CCTV interviewing in October 2020

On-line will exchange in December 2020


The wallet will be online in February 2021

Mainnet will be launched in March 2021

Continuous will update in April 2021...